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About Us

Everest Online Learning Center (EOLC) is an accredited on-line learning platform that provides students at all levels an engaging on-line social experience combined with excellence in education. Backed by Everest Academy, a tier-1 independant private academic institution offering the S.E.L.F.™ learning program, Everest EOLC is designed around a true distance learning school experience. It is ideal for anyone either looking to supplement an existing learning program or is in need of accredited alternatives.

Everest EOLC can also support the learning needs of Adult education programs as well as serve as a licensable platform for the private education needs of the corporate environment.

In the traditional paradigm, students go to school, to class, and to their teachers – each self-limiting factors affecting the quality and accessibility of education when examined on a global basis. This drives the growth of on-line learning, which is fast becoming mainstream in many academic programs. With the near global accessibility of the Internet and the increasingly intrinsic comfort upcoming generations have with on-line technology, Everest EOLC enables students anywhere in the world to connect with the very best teachers, educators, coaches, tutors, peers - however, whenever, wherever. Students and the conveyance of knowledge in the traditional model are no longer confined by time, space, and format.

The S.E.L.F.™ Learning Program

Skills, Education, Leadership, and Fitness (S.E.L.F.™) are key pillars of a healthy community. Everest Academy has established S.E.L.F.™ as a model for its school program, and is dedicated to providing students with a platform to reach their full potential. When combined with Everest EOLC, students anywhere can benefit from these four pillars as they build themselves for a successful future.

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