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The Everest On-Line Learning Center (EOLC) Experience

Unlike conventional on-line learning platforms, our courses combine rich media instruction backed by an OCT accredited teacher who responds to the needs of the student -- each student. Everest e-Learning combines easy to use web-based audio/visual technology, presentation software, and teacher-student communication. By leveraging technology, the internet, dedicated and passionate educators, and an excellent curriculum, we create on-line classroom experiences that go beyond what is possible in a conventional classroom to help manage the student time. Our sound curriculum provides our students with:

  • High quality learning experience
  • Deep and durable learning
  • Increased interaction with teachers
  • Opportunity to build intellectual curiosity
  • Student-centered approach to learning
  • Ongoing evaluation and assessment
  • Access to accredited teachers & experienced instructors
  • In-classroom at Everest Academy or on-demand on-line programs with EOLC where appropriate
  • Customized education delivery matched according to student’s learning style
  • A new philosophy based on building a strong academic foundation for future success
  • Flexibility to take courses year-round versus only in fall and winter
  • Mobility to never miss another class because of travel or other time constraints

Students often consider blending one or two on-line courses while maintaining a full or part-time course load at their regular, brick-and-mortar school or enrolling in Everest Academy directly. Whether you choose to simply earn an extra credit, improve a grade, or seek to benefit from individualized instruction in a challenging course, our customized educational platform can accommodate your needs. Speak with an Everest On-Line representative today by calling 905.881.3335.

If you are experiencing any issues or if you would like to make a suggestion, please send an email to