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Everest S.E.L.F. Learning Program

Skills, Education, Leadership, and Fitness (S.E.L.F.™) are key pillars of a healthy community. Everest Academy and Everest On-Line Learning Center has established S.E.L.F.™ as a model for its school program, and is dedicated to providing students with a platform to reach their full potential. When combined with Everest EOLC, students anywhere can benefit from these four pillars as they build themselves for a successful future.


All Everest students strive to improve their skills in one or more disciplines of interest. It can be sports related, such as Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis or Golf. Skills can also be developed in music, technology, medicine and more. Developing skills helps to build a more robust portfolio that can be used to advance the students readiness for post-secondary pursuits. Many Everest students rely on the S.E.L.F. program to pursue their skills at an elite level, for which comprehensive programs exist to support these high achieving endeavors.


Providing high quality education is at the cornerstone of the Everest vision. Wherever possible, the education program across all Everest Academy schools and Everest On-Line Learning Center meets or exceeds any standards set out within the local communities. Students are offered excellent student-teacher ratios along with access to the expertise and assistance needed to become high achievers. Everest students graduate showing their highest potential, ready to face post-secondary pursuits. Depending on the level of Skills pursued combined with academic results, it is not uncommon to gain early acceptance to University or some type of performance scholarship.


Developing leadership skills is critical to succeeding in today's world. Everest fully integrates leadership programs into the daily curriculum of all of its schools and offers an increasing number of leadership courses through Everest On-Line Learning Center. Everest is fully committed to helping make today's generation of students the leaders of our society tomorrow.


All Everest students participate in a comprehensive fitness program. There is no requirement to be a top performer but participation is mandatory. Everest kids develop strength, flexibility and stamina which helps them succeed in all their endeavors. All Everest kids gain a better understanding of how to take care of their bodies and mind, as well as to cater to their specific needs from a nutritional perspective. Those who come to Everest to pursue athletics at an Elite level, also experience fitness at that level to maximize their chance to achieve their personal goals.

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